About The Reconnected Magazine

“Each of us finds his unique vehicle for sharing with others his bit of wisdom” – Ram Dass

In September 2020, in timing with the New Moon, we expanded to become The Reconnected.

Our expansion of Reconnected Parenting, which we have nurtured and grown since mid-2019, has come at a time of chaos in the world.

We wanted to create a brand built on empowerment, joy and radical honesty – a company with many offerings, including courses, workshops, guides, and interesting reads. The Reconnected Magazine is a part of this vision – an antidote to soulless, sensationalist-driven news consumption, and a place to dive in and really hear people and their stories.

With everything from ethical business to honest motherhood to eco-friendly living, sexuality, birth and mind-body wellness and nutrition, our magazine is a space to think, to feel, to learn and to expand.

We welcome you, with open minds and open hearts.

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