The Reconnected Loves: October Edit

10 beautiful, rainbow-inspired objects we’re loving this month, for our homes, bodies and hearts. Here’s to the tenth month of 2020.

Whether you’re getting cosy in the Northern Hemisphere, or digging out your swimsuit in preparation for the warmth in the Southern, October brings about an air of change. Just as a rainbow reminds us of silver linings and hope, with change comes bright and beautiful opportunities. This year has been difficult for many, so our October Edit takes a moment to focus on the new, the bold and the glorious: below you’ll find things we’re loving that reflect the sparkling energy of the New Moon, and the hope that fresh beginnings are underway. 

1. Garland by Sarah’s Silks

Nothing says dress-up like a fancy decoration around our crowns! These beautiful silk garlands by Sarah’s Silks are a fun touch for your little ones – whether they want to play faeries or simply add a bit of magick to their everyday clothes. 

2. Colourful clay earrings by Weird Feelings

Perth-based artist Nirrimi Firebrace, known for her incredible photography skills and way with words, has added another string to her bow with her brand Weird Feelings. The clay creations are colourful, unique and hand-made. 

3. Neural Nector by Superfeast

If you’re wanting to start a new season and chapter with a fresh mindset, Neural Nector by Superfeast is a great remedy. A powerful blend of nootropics (substances that can help our cognitive function!), this little potion is one to add to your home apothecary.

4. Prints by Natalie Jade

Melbourne artist Natalie Jade transitioned to painting contemporary Aboriginal art as a way to connect with her culture and roots. “My paintings are of the stars, sun, trees, waters and sea and almost always depict rainbows,” she describes. A colourful addition to the home! 

5. Rainbow Mat by Sunchild Yogi Mats

Yogi kiddies, so cute! We love these mats from Sunchild Yogi Mats – they’re such a wonderful way to get your littlies interested in yoga, as don’t kids just LOVE having their own things!?

6. Inhale Love Candle by The Wandering Craftsmen 

Love, all the love. Here at The Reconnected, we believe in LOVING one another above all else. This candle fits right into our ethos and homes. 

7. Lemon Balm Incense Cones by Haeckels

Lemon balm is the perfect herb for the changing seasons, a great scent to cleanse the air and your sacred home space. 

8. Cherry Peta Leggings by Hara The Label

Oh, comfort! These leggings, made from bamboo, are such a delight, with their delicious ruby hue. Perfect for lounging around the house during these strange times. 

9. Chocolate Bars by Loco Love Chocolate

Organic, plant-based goodness! Loco Love chocolates don’t just look lovely, they’re also made with a whole lot of lurrrve. Good chocolate always needs good ingredients, so we love how these gems use fair-trade Criollo Cacao from Peru.

10. The Wild Unknown Journal by Kim Krans

We love a beautifully crafted, thoughtful journal. And this one by Kim Krans is definitely on our wish list! Reflection and self-discovery are the intentions within this journal by the New York Times bestseller. If you’d like to explore your self-discovery and personal expansion further, take a look at our highly-acclaimed breathwork and parenting courses.

Just a little note: While everything in our The Reconnected Loves edits are things we genuinely adore, we may collect a share of sales through some of the external links in this article.

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