Your Free New Moon Ritual Guide: By Artist Sabrina Rose

Toronto artist Sabrina Capista is guided by the moon, both in spirit and in occupation. She creates monthly guidebooks that encapsulate the lunar cycles, and here has created an exclusive version for The Reconnected. Below, Sabrina speaks of her passion for cultivating personal reflection guides, and her affinity with the stars.

Artist Sabrina Rose. Photo Credit: Geraldina Galica, @geraldina.galica
Where does your passion for the lunar cycles stem from? 

Since I was young I had an affinity with the moon and the night. I always felt most creatively inspired and my truest self when the moon came out. I was and still am very sensitive and I think the night brought me time to be alone with myself, away from the constructs of what other people needed me to be for them. This sparked a fire in me to learn more about the moon and it’s influences on our emotions and I just grew fascinated with the cyclical nature of the feminine experience and its connection with the moon.

Have you always been drawn to astrology and energies? 

I was definitely always drawn to energies and anything mystical, but I’ve become more drawn to astrology in the last few years. I had my natal chart read on my 22nd birthday and it was a pivotal moment for me.

Sabrina Rose’s home altar.
How do you lunar cycle reflection guidebooks serve people, and how do you hope they are used? 

The Moon & I Guidebooks are meant to encourage personal reflection and growth through the practice of daily journaling, while being mindful of the lunar phases. Each issue is created with the intention of sinking into deeper alignment with our universe on a macro level. I have found that working with the natural cycles of our bodies and the planets can truly elevate our human experience and journaling has been an integral part of my journey. So I really hope these guidebooks can be used as a supportive tool to allow other people to explore their inner world, document the beautiful process and give themselves the necessary moment of self care that a daily journaling practice can bring them. 

How do you incorporate ceremony and ritual into your own life? 

I am actively working my way towards living my whole life as ritual. To me that means being really grounded and present in each moment, even the mundane ones and trying to bring intention to those tasks… that’s definitely a life-long work in progress though. I do really love taking time to do longer rituals around the full or new moon and honouring each season of my menstrual cycle through Goddess embodiment rituals. 

Artist Sabrina Rose. Photo Credit: Geraldina Galica, @geraldina.galica
Are there any spiritual insights or methodologies that you’ve discovered recently and would love to share with us? 

My sister and I have just finished working through the initiations of The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra, it was such a beautiful journey full of activating visuals. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to incorporate more ceremonial healing into their life!

And finally, could you please provide some instructions on how to use your lunar guidebooks? 

This guidebook is meant to be an all-in-one journal, so each daily spread consists of a prompt, activity or ritual surrounding the month’s theme which is influenced by astrological insights in combination with personal lessons I’m currently navigating. Each spread also includes a daily gratitude practice and free space to make the journal your own. So for me, some days that side is filled with written reflections, other days it’s little drawings or magazine collages, the different options make it fun to flip through when you’re feeling nostalgic. For each full moon and new moon I provide longer rituals to perform and the space to set intentions for that lunation.

To fill in your very own mini New Moon Guide, simply download the JPEG below and print it out or follow the steps in a journal.

If you’d like to follow Sabrina and her work, head to her Instagram account @sabrinarosecapista or check out her website.

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