Power In Vulnerability: Poet Wattney Lander Shares Two Of Her Works

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Poet and mother Wattney Lander wrote poetry for a decade before she shared it with anyone. Now, the Ontario, Canada writer has published her first poetry collection, ‘Black Sheep’, and has fostered a loyal online fanbase. 

Here, she shares some words on motherhood, and offered us two of her bestselling poems to read. They’re poignant and speak to the mood of the moment – one where we all seek solace in the soft silences between the chaos. And all hope for a better world. 

By Wattney Lander

Our storms always hold a blessing in disguise. And when you find it, that’s when your wounds will start to heal, personal growth begins inside you and the doors of reconnecting with our children open up to create great opportunities for our future.

On falling in love with ourselves…

I fell in love

With the way I was quiet

And how I was all alone

Because during that time

My intuitions voice became louder

And I was able to call myself home

On waking up…

You have woken up

 and if no one has told you already

I am proud of you

continue to stand as you are

bruised, bent or scarred

wilted, stuck or bloomed

and know that there are others out there

just like you

we are never alone

we’re all connected

whether it be in this lifetime

or many others before this one

I see you’re strong, courageous and brave for deciding to go on this journey of self-healing

and I send you a warm hug of love and success

I hear you

I see you

I commend you

and I am with you.

Follow Wattney on Instagram and purchase her new book, ‘Black Sheep’ right here. 

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